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                   OT Assessments
             Sensory Assessments
       Developmental Assessments
(Detailed Explanation of Individual
Tools found in Resources Section)
Speech and Language 
(Detailed Explanation of Individual
Tools found in Resources Section)
Assessment Process


Following Phone Contact

An Intake Package is Located in Contact & Forms Section or it can be e-mailed or mailed to you

Then an Appointment is Scheduled.   

All Intake Forms Need to be returned Prior to your appointment or the day of the Assessment.  


For First Appointment Please Bring

  1. All Insurance Card(s)

  2. Copies of Other Assessments or Information of Other Services (Insurance Required)

  3. Copy of 504 or IEP OT Goals & Grid Page (if your child has one)

  4. Co-Pay (if applicable) 


At Your Assessment  Appointment

  • You will be greeted at the Front Desk Staff and Treating Therapist.

  • Following our initial meeting, parents are encouraged to make a choice to:

    • 1) observe the assessment process directly or via monitors,

    • 2) use this time to ask questions and express any concerns and,

    • 3) are welcome to wait in the waiting room during this process. 

    • 4) WiFi is available.

  • Siblings are welcome to come and play in the waiting spaceduring the Assessment.

  • Another appointment may be required to complete the assessment process.

  • A discussion to explain the completed assessment results is provided to parents/guardians by the evaluating therapist.


Assessment Report

A comprehensive assessment report is completed within 1-2 weeks from the last assessment date. 

Once you receive your Assessment Report, Please Call to Schedule an appointment with the Evaluating therapist to discuss assessment results and treatment options.  

This meeting is part of the Evaluation Process and there will be no additional cost.

TeleHealth Services

There is nothing more disheartening than the state of affairs today. 

In lieu of visits to the clinic, Kids OT, Inc. welcomes you to our Web-Based Services where we can continue work online. 

This is an opportunity to work

with our clients directly,

work with parents & clients collaboratively

or work directly with parents.   

Direct Treatment Sessions

Child Plays in a One on One Play-Based Treatment session. where skills

       are enriched through play. 

Parents are welcome in

each session or

can watch via monitors.

TeleHealth Services Require
  1. A Laptop, Tablet, Computer, Devices that can access Wi-Fi (phones work, however, are more unsuccessful at hearing or seeing each other work)

  2. A stable place to work, such as a desk or table.

  3. A Quiet Space, or as quiet as possible.

  4. Have the following materials available:

    1. Pencils, Pens, Markers, or Crayons

    2. Paper or Packet of OT material, if provided via mail

    3. Age Appropriate Scissors

    4. Ruler

    5. Stick Glue, Tape, or Stapler (any would work)

Female Using Computer
Girl in Modern Workspace
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