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Understanding Your Child's IEP is Helpful When Team Meetings are Required for Your Child.   The Following Information and Templates Can Help You Plan for Your Child's Academic Progress

Most of the Following Forms can be Found on the

Department of Special Education website 

Department of Special Education Website

This Template Explains What Should Be in Each Section Of The IEP.

Parts of an IEP Are: 

1. Informational Page

2. Parent Concerns



 5. Vision Statement

 6. Goals / Benchmarks

 7.  Transportation

 8. MCAS

 9. Signature Page

Letter to Request IEP Services Template

         Be sure to list all Areas You Feel Your Child Needs to be Tested

         i.e. Academics, OT, PT, SP, Psych, 

IEP Timelines Template of Days

By Law, the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Must Comply 

In a Timely Fashion to IEP Requests. 

Suggestion: Make Sure to Keep Some Type of Evidence of Everything You Do:

                        i.e. E-Mails, Phone Calls, Letters/Evals provided, Discussions with Staff

                               Involved with Child's Program 

Sample Parent Concern

Letter for

First IEP Meeting

     All Your Concerns Should

      Be Listed in The Parent

      Concerns Section of the IEP

Sample Parent Concern Letter for

Annual / 3-Year IEP Meetings

Vision Statement Template

This Statement Should Describe What You Wish for Your Child

Within the Next 3-5 Years.  

A Checklist of What Items You Should

                                      Bring To an IEP Meeting

Dealing With Emotions at the IEP Meeting

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